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Mr. Twin Sister - “In The House Of Yes”

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perhaps this is not a photo by Wilson Lee | Flickr 
New Mexico, US

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Matt W. Moore is the artist behind MWM Graphics, a design, fine art, and illustration studio. By combining his background in graffiti with graphic design, Moore has created a distinctly bold, colorful, and geometric aesthetic.

While he may be most recognized for his angular, geometric spray-painted murals, he is an innovative artist, combining and working in many mediums. Clients of his include Coca-Cola, Wired Magazine, and Ray-Ban.

He travels and creates art in cities from Paris to Sao Paulo. Working across the globe fuels his creativity, as he responds to the different environments in which he works. Moore’s portfolio is enormous and varied and constantly growing. He perpetually creates beautiful and new work at an extraordinary pace.



Jens Lekman has put together a sweet mix tape with some new songs! Its amazing and I haven’t even finished listening to it. Check it out!

0:00 - Jens Lekman - WWJD
3:05 - Bunny Maloney - Baby I’ve Been Missing You
6:18 - David Byrne - Theodora Is Dozing
7:59 - The 11:08 Train Swooshes By
09:52 - Jhene Aiko - Stranger
11:34 - Jennifer Lara - Our Love
13:10 - Georges Delerue - Theme from Camille
15:25 - Jens Lekman - What’s That Perfume That You Wear?
18:47 - Ralph MacDonald - The Path
20:33 - All Your Sorrows Reversed
26:25 - Jens Lekman - I Remember


Leo Villareal (American, b. 1967) / Target (2), 2010
Light emitting diodes, mac mini, custom software, circuitry, wood, plexiglas 60 in. diameter (152.4 cm), Edition of 3 + 1AP


Terence Chang | Flickr (San Francisco)

498 plays Lazaretto Jack White Lazaretto


Lazaretto | Jack White

He’s just so fucking cool.


Gradients, Dan Tobin Smith

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Abstraction in Hyper-Time

(Amizyo Hairie)


Childish Gambino has a new track out! Although unmixed, it sounds pretty good as is. Listen to Sober.



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