The Range – “Washingtons”

Pairs Well With…Bonobo, Sampha, Four Tet


Down-tempo and innovatively patient, The Range’s Nonfiction is a slow burner that uses repetition and build as the cornerstone of its musical statement.  It’s a dramatic one, formed out of nothing to only be engulfed in sound.  Each part of The Range’s music is spotlighted before another layer is added, allowing the ear to hear every texture, so precisely placed.  Avoiding pop, 4/4 forms, The Range takes his cues more from the heart than as a pure technician.  This type of layering likens The Range more to post rock than down-tempo EDM, replacing a traditional band format with pads and keyboards without losing a sense of soul.  The Range has followed up this year with an EP, Panasonic, that focuses more on off-backbeats than the harmonic one of Nonfiction, a pivot with sharper, extroverted results. 


Cutting a record


Thilo Frank :Vertical Skip,2009

A thin luminiscent EL wire is driven by an excenter. The modulation and speed of the rope wave can be controlled by the visitors through sensitive moving sensors.
A dynamical sculpture emerges which huge size lets us guess that matter in fact is only consistent of vibrating energy.

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

(Source: aquaticwonder)

The sea ice atop the Arctic Ocean can—as shown in this photograph from July 12, 2011—look more like swiss cheese or a bright coastal wetland. As ice melts, the liquid water collects in depressions on the surface and deepens them, forming melt ponds. These fresh water ponds are separated from the salty sea below and around it, until breaks in the ice merge the two.

via NASA


19 plays Love Letter R. Kelly Love Letter


R. Kelly - Love Letter (Love Letter, 2010)


Spider-Man 2099 by Francesco Mattina.

(Source: ezdese)


Chromed Out" by Timid Soul x VicePoint from their upcoming collaborative debut album called Paradise, out July 30th on Keats Collective

Glass Animals - Pools (Roosevelt Remix)

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